Who Am I ?

Hey, my name is Shermine, I'm French, I have an Indian origin and I'm a Muslim. Here are a few things that you need to know about me.


I was born in Reunion Island - yes, it exists, it's a tiny island between Mauritius and Madagascar - I lived in Paris for 5 years during which I came to Montreal for the first time and stayed for 6 months for school. At the end of my studies, I got married and went to live in Madagascar. Today, I'm back in Montreal with my husband and that's for good ! Well.. we'll see 😏


In life, I've always loved to travel and to read ! Those two hobbies have always been an integral part of my life since I was little.

Indeed, when I was a child, I used to go to Madagascar very often to see my grand parents. On top of that, Mauritius Island being very close to our Island, my mom, sister and I would jump on a plane every time we had the chance to go chill out there. During my high school years, I also went to Birmingham and London. And then to Iran for a whole month ! That's how my quest for adventure and discovery started..

During university, I was in Paris. From there, I tried to discover Europe as I could. First, some beautiful South French cities such as Nice and Marseille. Then I revisited Birmingham and then went to Venice, Athens, Santorini and Barcelona ! I also managed to go to Switzerland for the amazing Geneva 😍. Once I got enough confidence, I went further and tried to conquer America : Montreal, Toronto, New-York, Cancùn !


As you might have figured, Carnets d'une Hijabi (which means notebook or also travel diaries of a hijabi), will be entirely dedicated to my passion : travels !

Why ? Because in fact I love to share my adventures and I love to hear about people's. And honestly, I take so many pictures on my travels that I NEEDED to find a way to share them as well. Finally and most importantly, if I decided to create that blog it's because I realized during my travels how much I built the barriers to my own happiness as a muslim woman wearing the hijab. I realized that we all need a little push to understand that we can combine faith and travel. I realized the necessity to deconstruct prejudices about muslim women whose place would be to stay at home.

Thus, through my advice and sharing of itineraries, I would like to inspire women, especially muslim women wearing the scarf, not to be afraid of being judged while traveling just because of their religious belonging. I wish it helps them to make peace with their image and I would like to encourage them not to put any barriers because eventually, others behavior depends mostly on ours.

In any case, I hope this blog will inspire more than one and will help you make your dream come true !

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